PricePoint Mobile - iPad

PricePoint Mobile is intended to be used in partnership with PricePoint and PricePoint Device Desktop. Its purpose is to provide easy and efficient invoicing, customer signature capture and payment handling on the Apple iPad. Invoice receipt is emailed to customer. Invoice, payment, customer information, and job location data is all sent to the office via email.
All the data in the app originates from the PDD during the Load Device process: Customers, customer notes, job locations, sales tax rates, Invoice and customer numbering ranges and menu pricing.

Basic Features and layout

PricePoint Mobile has 4 tabs: Workspace, Menu Pricing, Appointments and Completed Documents. The tabs are found at the bottom of the app window and represent the 4 basic jobs that the app can perform.


This tab represents a pre-invoice waiting for authorization and approval. The Customer info shows at the top along with sales tax rate and job location. In the middle you'll see the Job descriptions that are built from the joblinx text linked to each Quotamatic Task and their prices. Below that are the tasks that have been added to the workspace.


Customers - Search for and pick an existing customer or add a new one.

Sales Tax - Pick the sales tax rate. Default rate comes from customer info.

Job Location - Pick an existing job location or create a new one.

Edit Customer Note - Make changes to the customer note.
Clear Customer -
Clear customer data from workspace.
Clear Tasks -
Clear all tasks.
Edit Tasks -
Allows deletion of a single task.

Get Authorization - Starts signature capture for authorization.

Get Approval - Starts signature capture for job approval and invoice creation.
Get New Setup -
Causes running app to look again in app documents folder and restart using contents after load.

Pop Up Dialogs

Customer Pop up: Alpha search for a customer name using Name Search. Or tap Advanced to open up in-string search by name, address, phone, email or customer number.









Edit Customer Note: Tap Insert Date Stamp to add the date and your name to the top of the customer note. Tap done to save the changes or tap Back to cancel changes.

Get Authorization: Ask customer to tap the Agree checkbox so that it is checked, sign in signature box and tap Accept. Clear the signature by tapping Clear. Tap Back to cancel authorization.

Note: PricePoint Mobile does not require a signature. If desired, the process can continue without a signature by tapping Accept.

Job Location: Pick an existing job location from the left column and tap Done. Tap edit to make a change to the details of the job location. Tap New Job Location to create a new one. Tap Save after changes are made. Tap Back to cancel changes.


Menu Pricing

The menu pricing system shown in this tab originates from the Quotamatic flat rate book in your PricePoint software.


Task Code Search - Finds a task by Task code.

Page Titles List - Scroll through an alphabetical list of page titles. Tap Done to display.

Job Description - Displays the joblinx text linked to the task.

Preferred - Check box to use preferred price.

Multiple - Displays number of tasks to add to workspace. Increase/decrease by tapping right/left arrows on sides of control.

Customize - Displays Custom task dialog. Change task price and job description text.

Add to Workspace - Add selected task to workspace using the Multiple displayed.

Pop Up Dialogs

Customize Task - Change the price of the selected task by tapping Price box. Add money to the task price by typing in the Add$$ box and tapping +. Increase/decrease the Multiple added to the workspace by tapping left/right arrows on sides of control. Change task job description by adding changes in the text box. Tap on Add to Workspace to add the customized task to the workspace. Tap Back to cancel the custom task.


Appointments originate from Schedule Message emails sent from the office to the iPad.


Appointments List - Scrollable list shows date, start time, customer name and work order number of each appointment. Tap the appointment to select it.

Edit - Allows a single appointment to be erased, shows the Delete All button.

Delete all Appointments - removes all appointments from the list.
Import from Message - Opens Copy message and paste dialog to add appointments sent from the office.

Text of Message - Displays the entire text of the scheduling message associated with the appointment. Scheduling messages are sent to the iPad from the PricePoint desktop scheduling software.

Start in Workspace - Places customer and job location from appointment into the workspace. The function attempts to add any tasks present in the message to the workspace. The work order number shown in the appointment will be carried over to the invoice when created.

Pop Up Dialogs

Copy Message and Paste - Locate message in mailbox, tap body of message and choose select all and then copy. Return to PricePoint Mobile, tap message box and tap Paste. Tap Done to process message and create an appointment. Tap Back to cancel.

Completed Documents

Completed documents are invoices and payments waiting to be emailed to the office. Documents that have already been sent to the office are hidden by default.


Invoice List - Scrollable invoice list displays invoice number, customer name, amount and status of each invoice.

Show Sent - Shows/hides sent invoices.
Customer Authorization: displays both authorization and approval signatures.

Email to Customer - displays email address of customer and emails invoice to customer.

Edit - Allows editing of customer email address.

Payment - Record a customer payment.

Job description - displays the job description of the selected invoice.

Tasks - displays the tasks included in the selected invoice.

Send to Office - Packages up all new customers, customer changes, invoices, payments and job locations and sends the package to the office email. The PDD mail station then retrieves and adds the data to the PricePoint software.

Pop Up Dialogs

Edit Email Address - tap done to save new address.

Send to Office dialog - click Send to use the iPad email app to send the attached data packet to the office.


Payment dialog - select type of payment Credit card, Check or Cash. Record last 4 digits of Credit card or check number.

Email Invoice to Customer - tap Email Invoice to start iPad email app then click Send.


View Authorizations - Tap the signature or Hide Customer Auth to dismiss popup.

Using PricePoint Mobile

Here is a basic how to guide for PricePoint Mobile for the iPad. Let's run through the basics you'll need to know to put PricePoint Mobile through its paces.

Find the customer

From the Workspace tab tap Customer. In the alpha search box type the first few letters of the customer's last name and pick customer from the list by selecting the name and tapping Use Customer. The customer name and address should now show in the top of the workspace tab.

Note: You may edit the customer's phone, email address and customer notes as necessary (See Advanced Topics - Editing Customer Data).
Note: If your dispatcher sends your appointments to you, select the appointment in the appointments tab and tap Start in workspace (see Advanced Topic - Appointments).

Add tasks to the workspace

Tap Menu Pricing tab, tap the Page titles list (top right) and select the title of the page containing the desired task and tap Done. Tap the task in the list so that it is highlighted (check that the job description of the task is showing in the box at the bottom). Change the Multiple if necessary and tap Add to Workspace. Tap the workspace tab to see that the task was added to the workspace.

Note: The task sell price and job description may be customized BEFORE they are added to the workspace (see Advanced Topic - Customizing Tasks).

Get customer's authorization to start work

On the workspace tab, tap Get Authorization to start job. Ask the customer to tap the Agree checkbox, sign in the white rectangle and tap Accept. You are now authorized to begin work.

Get customer's approval of satisfactory completion

On the workspace tab, tap Job is Complete. Again, ask the customer to tap the Agree checkbox, sign in the white rectangle and tap Accept. PricePoint Mobile switches to the Completed Documents tab and shows the completed invoice. The job is now complete, you are now ready to accept payment.

Accept payment

PricePoint Mobile can record payments via Credit Card (using Amazon Local Register or Square), check or cash. From the Completed Documents tab, select the invoice in the list and tap the Red Payment button.

Percentage payments - insurance deductible

Payment can be recorded for the full amount of the invoice or a percentage of the total, in the case of insurance work. To record a percentage payment tap payment calculator and choose the applicable percentage and tap Done.

Credit Card

Tap the payment type box and choose Credit Card. Tap the last 4 digits box and type in the last 4 digits of the customer's card then start ALR or Square software making sure that the payment amount agrees with the amount shown in PricePoint Mobile. Make a note of the transaction code and record that in the transaction code box. Tap Done.

Check or Cash

Tap the payment type box and choose Check or Cash. Tap check number box and record check number. Tap Done.

Sending Invoice to the Customer

Click on the large button to the right of Send to Customer that shows the customer's email. If the button only shows as "Email", tapping it will show a message asking if you want to enter an email for this customer. Once an email address has been entered, tapping the button will show the Email to customer dialog with the text of the invoice ready to send. Tap the Action button at bottom left to show the text in your email app and then tap Send.

Sending Data to the Office

You must be connected to the internet before you can complete this step. At the end of your shift, tap the Completed Documents tab and tap Send to Office to display the email app with the message composed and ready. This email message contains the batch of invoices, payments and changes made on the iPad up to this point in time. Now you MUST tap the Send button to send the batch to the office (see warning below). Mail Station can then connect and import them into the PricePoint software. The invoices in completed documents should now be hidden as they have all been sent, unless the Show Hidden switch is set on.


Advanced Topics

Customizing Tasks

Any task in the Menu Pricing tab can be customized BEFORE it is added to the workspace. On the Menu Pricing tab at the bottom next to the task description, tap Customize to bring up the Custom task dialog. To add a specific amount to the task price, tap the ADD $$ box, type in the added amount, and tap +. To customize the task job description, type in the text box provided. Tap Add to Workspace when you are finished.

Note: Any changes to a task are not saved in the Menu Pricing tab and apply only to the customized task as added to the workspace.

Finding Customers

The customer list in your iPad is the same as that found in your PricePoint software so it has the potential to be really big! You can't just scroll through the customer list to find a name because PricePoint mobile will show a maximum of 100 customer names to avoid memory issues on your iPad. You should start by tapping the alpha search and typing the first few letters of the last name to narrow your search. If that doesn't show the correct name, tap Advanced and search within the name, address, phone numbers or by customer number. Select the type of search, type in a string of letters in the InString search box and tap search. When you have found the correct customer, tap Advanced to hide the extra options.

Note: Advanced searches are very powerful because they look for the letters you entered WITHIN the selected customer fields. For instance, you could search for "john" in the customer's name and the list will fill with all the instances of john in your customer list.


The easiest way to start a job in the workspace is from the Appointments tab. Tap the Appointments tab and select the desired appointment. Then tap Start in Workspace. The tab changes to the workspace and should now show the customer info and the workspace should be loaded with any tasks that were included in the message.

Creating Appointments

Appointments come from the PricePoint desktop software as a scheduling message that goes to your mailbox on the iPad. The mailbox item will always include "Your Schedule Message" in the subject line. When you receive a scheduling message from the office, open the message, tap and hold until you see the magnifier then lift your finger and tap Select All then tap Copy. Press the home button and open PricePoint and tap the Appointments tab and tap Import from Message. Now tap and hold inside the white text box until you see the magnifier and then tap Paste. Tap Done to create your appointment(s). Your Schedule message may contain more than one appointment. If the schedule message contained special instructions from the dispatcher, please refer to the schedule message that is still in your mailbox.

Editing Customer data

Customer data can be edited on the iPad and the changes will be received after tapping Send to Office.

WARNING! Double check the accuracy of any changes because they will be sent to the office and applied to the MASTER CUSTOMER RECORD. Always avoid editing the customer name and be sure that the changes are necessary. Changes to the customer record are PERMANENT.

Customer address and email

Once the customer is placed in the workspace, the customer's address and email may be edited by tapping Edit Customer then tapping Save Customer.

Customer Note

With the customer in the workspace, tap Edit Customer Note and tap Done to record any changes. Tap Insert Date Stamp to place a date stamp and the cursor at the top of the customer note.

Note: Inserting a date stamp and keeping your edits at the top of the list is a smart way to preserve the important history stored in a customer note. Avoid overwriting or deleting existing customer note information. If you are unsure of your edits, tap Back and start over!

Installing Updates to PricePoint Mobile

Updates will become available through the Apple store from time to time.


ALL DATA ON THE DEVICE WILL BE ERASED when the update is installed on the device. You will need to have your setup reloaded while connected to iTunes. Be absolutely sure that all of your data has been sent to the office before installing the update or you will lose valuable information!